March 3, 2010 at 3:21 pm (Mommy Tips) ()

Okay, all of you super duper couponers, help me out! I am new to this whole scene, but the idea excites me a lot! I’m still confused by a lot of things, though, and need some help. For example, I primarily shop at Publix. Do they accept competitor coupons, and if so, from where? Also, what are the limits to coupon stacking? How many coupons can you use for one item? What are your favorite coupon-finding sites?

Please share your knowledge with this novice!



  1. Lorrie said,

    Lis, Lis, Lis….I may be about to make your day! I’m currently working on a package about couponing for The Ledger.

    Also, a group of girls gets together for coffee on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. at Black & Brew downtown and in addition to just having fun and relaxing, we talk coupons. And trade coupons. And share tips about coupons. In short, we are awesome resources, even though we’re all learning the ropes, too.

    On another note, I saved your husband’s drink from Five Guys last week. I ran into him at the new offices and flagged him down so I could get his cup off the roof of his vehicle. LOL. Small world.

  2. Melissa Musson said,


    Just saw your post about coupons and thought I’d help you out a bit.

    1. Publix DOES accept competitor coupons, but you need to check with your store to confirm who they consider competitors. Each store varies.

    2. Stacking allows you to use ONE manufacturer Q with ONE store Q per item purchased (ie Man Q $1 off 1 Cheerios with Store Q $1 off 1 Cheerios). If it’s a BOGO item, you can use two of each coupon which is where the deals get really good.

    3. Favorite coupon blogs (to name a few):

    Hope that helps! HAVEW FUN 🙂

  3. Melissa said,

    Oooh, the I Heart Publix one is a favorite of mine too.

    Also check out and (that one is written by the same woman who does I Heart Publix).

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