Beads. Really?

December 20, 2008 at 3:35 pm (1)

So I’ve been singing with City Walk’s Christmas Angels for the usual extra Christmas cash.  It’s a four-girl acapella group that sings up-beat Christmas tunes.  Fine.  Nothing unusual.

It being Universal, however, they have asked us to throw beads to the people in the audience in an attempt to further spread the “Christmas cheer.”  Let me point out that I believe the retail value of a strand of beads like the ones we are throwing is probably less than or equal to approximately $0.03.

Here is where my problem arises.  Apparently the people in the audience have decided that the actual value of the beads far surpasses the actual monetary value.  I have now witnessed several fully grown adult men throw their bodies in front of small children in an effort to claim their treasured beads.

This bothers me.  It just makes me want to look at these bead hungry individuals and say, “Beads.  Really?”


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