The Stevie Wonder Experience and Fresh Perspective

July 18, 2008 at 3:44 pm (Life) (, , , )

The trip to Wisconsin and the Stevie Wonder concert were just too excellent.  I was really, really apprehensive about leaving Joey for 3 days, and got super emotional as we were leaving him.  What is it about airports that always make me emotional?  The coming?  The going?  Saying good-bye to friends and family?  Anyway, I wanted to enjoy our first trip alone together since Joey’s arrival, so I decided to enjoy every moment.  

We had so much fun!  Thanks to the help of my trusty GPS navigation system (Georgina is her name), we were able to navigate around Wisconsin in our rental car and find lots of fun things to do.  We had a lovely hotel right near the airport and of course, being us, found several lovely shopping areas.  We had no plans other than the concert on Thursday night, so it was so nice to just be able to roam around a new city at our leisure and find things along the way.  The best of which wound up being a tour of the Jelly Belly factory!  Yummy!  

The concert was just beyond words.  We wound up sitting in the 6th row…yes, that’s right, the 6th row…A-MAZING!  He came out guided by his daughter and proceeded to sing hit after hit after hit after hit for two hours!  It was just unreal!  He is even more mind-blowing in concert than on anything I’ve ever heard of his that’s recorded- WOW!  His daughter Aisha Morris, who is the actual baby you hear on the “Isn’t She Lovely” opening, is now 30 years old and sings back-up for her dad.  She also got to sing a song on her own and was just amazing!  A total throw-back to a Billie Holiday-esque singer.  It was just unreal.  We all danced around like idiots, not caring because Stevie’s music is just too good to listen to from your seat.  


Yeah, we were that close.

Yeah, we were that close.



There’s something about getting away for a few days that just makes the world seem bigger.  When you’re home all the time, life seems to get small somehow.  As if your realm of reality is all there is.  When you get to step outside of that for a little while, you’re able to find a new perspective and somehow, things just seem better.  Your HUGE problems from home don’t seem all that bad, because you realize there is a whole big world out there.  People everywhere you go are dealing with things just like you are.  We are all on a journey, and the only way to get through is to rest in the promise of God’s Word.  This trip made me realize that I needed a re-wiring to some of my thought processes.  I’m so glad I went.  I’m so thankful for my incredible husband who made one of my dreams come true.


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