Super Spiritual Vs. Super Practical

April 25, 2008 at 6:57 pm (God) (, , )

The dichotomy of these two concepts has often been a place where I find myself in the middle of, wondering, confused, and agitated by the stark difference of choosing to live completely one way or another.  For example, when bad things happen in our lives, as they inevitably will, the super spiritual person can comfort themselves in the wake of all their questions of “why?”, by chalking it up as “that’s of the enemy, warfare, etc.”  This can be fine and encouraging, because we know that in no way did God do this bad thing to us, and we just decide to get mad at the devil.  The problem comes, however, when we see no immediate deliverance from this “warfare” and we begin to find ourselves angry with God, wondering why He is not stepping in, since He is obviously greater than the enemy.  

The super practical person in the same situation may have the upper hand in some ways, reasoning that “this is just life,” and not attaching any blame to God and His actions or lack of actions.  Interesting point, however, comes when something truly good happens.  Is that now something to thank God for, or just another thing that has “happened.”  It certainly can diminish the joy of the victories that a super spiritual thinker gets to celebrate.  But then how does a super spiritual believer deal with what seems like unanswered prayer?  


Proverbs 20:24

“A man’s steps are of the Lord; How then can a man understand his own way?” 


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  1. Victoria said,

    Wow…I’ve been battling this very thing. Sometimes I feel like I’m between the two and I feel lost, or that I need to choose sides. I definitely feel my flesh man taking over quite a bit lately, and to be honest it hasn’t been fun. I think your blog was a loud wake up call for me to dig deeper into the Lord. I want to be super spiritual, but with a realness to me…I think that’s achievable…in fact, that’s the way I see you Lis. You are an amazing Christian, but touch such a wide array of people. You definitely have a gift and I am so proud and blessed to know you.

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