Extraordinary Hope

January 18, 2008 at 8:53 pm (God) ()

What a week of realizations…I had something this week that shook me to the core and challenged every belief in me. I felt hopeless. When we feel hopeless, we lose at life, because hope keeps us going. Why do we lose our hope? Often, because the picture in front of us dictates it to be so. Things look bad, so we lose hope. This can’t be. If we lose our hope based upon life and it’s current status, then our hope will come and go, leaving us tired and lifeless in it’s wake. Emotions will try to rob our hope, but we have to rise above. When your situation is trying to tell you to give up hope, stare it down and know that there is a loving, gentle, and merciful Heavenly Father, who offers His Hope to us for our lives. This is the best hope, because it is not changed when life throws a curve ball. No, it remains steadfast and strong, because it is anchored in an Almighty and Sovereign God, who does NOT change. He is not moved by how bad your picture looks. No, He is bigger, higher, and stronger than WHATEVER you face, no matter WHAT others say, how you feel about it, or what emotions have come to lead you to believe.Someone needs to hear this today…THERE IS HOPE!!!



  1. Christian Craig said,

    I totally agree. I felt that way last week too. by the way I love your blog page.

  2. Cousin Roe said,

    Lis,,,,,thank you so much for encouragment.. I sure do need it at this time…..well i guess always.

  3. lamamandeux said,

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    I like your new blog a lot! What you have written has uplifted me! 🙂

  4. Trina Willhoit-Koehler said,

    I think we are about to go through many seemingly “hopeless” days ahead. The financial world appears to be crumbling, the real estate market appears to be crumbling, the chaos of our government looks like it is heading toward socialism, people are out of work and losing homes and America is coming into hard times..AGAIN! BUT Jesus is coming back and we have to live through these times before we see Him! It says so in the Bible and I believe that we are a testimony to the “lost” by the way we lives during these turbulent times. Your testimony to God’s greatness is awesome and will draw people to Christ and that be all Christians ultimate goal…that none should be lost! You are wonderful and I love your blog page and I am so excited to stand united with you in praising Jesus and looking ahead to His coming for His bride!

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